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Hi, My name is Rachael. I'm a Canine Emmett Technique Practitioner & Canine Hydrotherapist in training. I love all animals big & small and have a passion for working with holistic health. I work in a Small Animal Wellness Centre & have a mischievous 14-year-old Boxer x Ridgeback. I rescued Woody in 2009 after a relationship break up & due to Fifo work his owners were no longer able to care for him after rescuing him themselves. The only other option was to send him back to the rescue shelter. I couldn’t let that happen & he’s been by my side ever since. Around 5 years ago I noticed arthritis had set in, he’d slowed down & wasn’t getting around as easily. After changing his diet to raw food & incorporating Emmett Therapy, Hydrotherapy & Strengthening exercises Woody is back to playing like he used to & doing the things he’s really passionate about but was no longer able to do like stealing food off of the bench & sleeping on my bed when I’m not looking. Through observing the changes in Woody I know the value of Emmett Therapy & Hydrotherapy. I look forward to helping your pets live a happy, healthy & vibrant life through these therapies.

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Practitioner - Above Level 5
Rachael Harney
West Australia
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