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The small town of Prince Albert in the Western Cape of South Africa is where I live and practice.

I qualified as an Emmett Therapist in March 2018 and have continued with the Emmett Practitioner course having completed level 4. During my initial training I was reassured that I had chosen the most amazing therapy to study, as my ‘guinea pigs’ aches and pains were relieved.

By continuing my Emmett studies with this powerful technique I have changed peoples lives providing relief to those suffering from various pains and discomfort.

It should be noted that many of us suffer pain and discomfort for a time before we seek treatment. It is, therefore, possible that relief will not be achieved with one treatment as the body needs to undo what it has been hanging onto and trying to protect.

I would be delighted to offer relief to those who are suffering from various pains and discomfort.
  • I am operating in a country where insurance is not available

Emmett Training

Regula Scherrer
Practitioner - Above Module 6
Aileen Randell
South Africa
Prince Albert
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