What is the EMMETT Technique?

The EMMETT Technique is a safe, simple to apply light touch body therapy created by Australian Ross Emmett.  This internationally recognised technique is taught and practiced in over 40 countries and is equally effective on both people and animals.

EMMETT Therapy acts as a first aid to release muscle related issues using the application of light touch at specific points on the body relieving discomfort, creating postural changes, and improving movement, flexibility and overall well-being.  

Why do you refer to the Technique as ‘The Chameleon Approach to Body Therapy?’

The Chameleon Approach refers to the ability of an EMMETT Practitioner to adapt to the clients’ needs.  The chameleon is very good at adapting and changes colour according to its environment.  The EMMETT Practitioner will adapt their treatment to the clients’ needs.  To achieve the best outcome for each individual client.



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